Classic remade: F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka

Classic remade: F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka

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Yes, you can buy an army surplus easy enough, but this F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka is a premium take on a vintage classic.

Classic remade: F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka

It’s available at John Simons and let’s be honest, if John Simons is selling it, then it’s likely to be a good quality piece of kit. Well, not likely. It is.

This is actually a 100 per cent handcrafted take on the classic 1951 USAF military coat, produced in Okayama Japan and with all the details meticulously retained in the process.

Classic remade: F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka

The one here is made from a ‘densely woven’ cotton moleskin for the outer shell, which is provided by the US Army Air Corps, with the parka ‘Vat Dyed’ to ensure a beautiful patina over time. Yes. this a coat designed to be worn over years rather thna months. It’s a timeless classic, not least because of its ‘Mod’ connotations.

Specific details include two impermeable hand warmer pockets, two-button adjustable cuffs, a button clasp and zip fastening front plus a fish tail silhouette.

Classic remade: F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka

£395 isn’t cheap for the F.O.B. Factory M51 Parka, but this is a fishtail parka that looks a cut above and is built to last. As I said, cheaper surplus options are available here.

Find out more at the John Simons website

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