Mod-ern classic: Beams Plus M51 Down ParkaA lot of updates to this style on the shelves right now, but the Beams Plus M51 Down Parka will obviously be one to check out. View Post

Reworked classic: M51 Parka by Stan RayNot the first time I have featured a version of this coat and definitely not the last. But now I’m talking about the M51 Parka by Stan Ray. View Post

Engineered Garments military-style Highland ParkaBased on the a classic, the Engineered Garments military-style Highland Parka adds a bit of quality to the mix. View Post

Rains Parka CoatNo, it isn’t an M-51 fishtail parka, but the Rains Parka Coat has a lot to offer with a similar look. View Post

Albam takes on the fishtail parkaAnother reinvention of a classic, this time with Albam and that mod classic, the fishtail parka, which has had a contemporary makeover. View Post