Three Madras popover shirts for the summer

Three Madras popover shirts for the summer

Three Madras popover shirts for the summer (image credit: John Simons)

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Different styles, cuts and prices. But these three Madras popover shirts for the summer months all catch the eye.

And it’s a strong look, whatever you go for. Not that long ago (ok, maybe longer than I think), it wasn’t easy getting a popover shirt. It was a style that just went out of circulation pretty much everywhere.

But things changed, especially when the internet made the world smaller. John Simons has always waved the flag for this look, so it’s a given that the retailer would be in this mini round-up.

However, independent makers and sellers have also gotten in on the act, although some have since drifted back off. Of course, Japan, which has always been a place for heritage looks, has options, too.

I’ve picked out one from each category – check them out below.


Three Madras popover shirts for the summer

(image credit: John Simons)

John Simons Hayes Madras Popover Shirt

As you might have guessed, there are plenty of popovers on the racks of John Simons right now with the summer rapidly approaching. But I think this one is my favourite.

When you buy a JS shirt, you buy authenticity derived from years of selling and, more recently, making these shirts.

Made in London using their hand-loomed, genuine Indian Madras cotton, it has the generous collar roll you expect and dates back to garments from the late 1960s. Note also the button-through flap pocket and the shirt’s ‘gradually tapering tails’. You need to check the sizing as John Simons tends to be generous on that front, and if you find one in your size, the price is £130.

Check out the others in the collection, too.

Find out more at the John Simons website


Three Madras popover shirts for the summer

(image credit: Hip Store)

Beams Plus Popover Madras Shirt

Taking inspiration from the past, but updating for the present is this effort from Beams Plus.

This pretty much sums up Beams Plus: taking classics from the past and tweaking them a little for the modern era. In this case, a slimmer cut and a smaller collar, but the same classic look.

I love the cloth here, too, which is likely to give you some wear. I’ve got BP shirts going back years. All sizes are available, and the price is £105.

Find out more at the Hip Store website


Three Madras popover shirts for the summer

(image credit: Pellicano)

Pellicano Limited Edition Madras Popover Shirt

One from a smaller outlet—and in small numbers, too. Only 50 of these handmade shirts in this style/cloth are being produced.

Made by a family-run Italian shirt maker in Puglia, it uses fine Italian 100% cotton Madras cloth and real mother-of-pearl buttons. Note also the open box pleat and locker hoop on the back, a generous three-finger button-down collar with floating interlining, and a chest pocket with a sunglasses holder.

The fit is regular (again, check the sizing chart) and the price a more affordable £80.

Find out more at the Pellicano website

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