Support the His Knibs website by Buying Me A Coffee

Support the His Knibs website by Buying Me A CoffeeSadly, running the His Knibs website isn’t free. So I’m asking if you will support the His Knibs website by Buying Me A Coffee.

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That’s pretty much it really. Once upon a time, websites were free and newsletters too. But times have changed and running a website, unlike a social media page, isn’t free. Far from it.

I pay for the hosting, the design work, the security and the back-ups to name just a few things. Of course, my time is free as this is something I love doing. But the framework for doing it is far from it – and continues to rise year on year.

Once upon a time, adverts paid the bills, but revenue from that is so small these days to be hardly worth the effort. Ideally, I would like to remove them and run this via contributions. Which is where you can come in.

If you enjoy what I do and would like me to keep doing it (which I very much want to do myself) I an asking if you would consider buying a a ‘coffee’. Ok, it’s not a real coffee. The ‘coffee’ part is just a similar amount you would pay out for a posh coffee. But instead of the caffeine, I am getting your support to pay the bills on the website.

That’s the pitch. If you want to help out, the link is here:

His Knibs at Ko-Fi

And whatever you do, thanks for visiting the site and if you haver donated to support the His Knibs website, a big extra thanks for me.

Best wishes

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