All about His Knibs

It’s actually a lot easier to say what His Knibs isn’t rather than what His Knibs is!

It has been called a ‘mod’ site, a ‘casual’ site and an ‘ivy league’ site in the past, but the site is none of those things and I wouldn’t want it to be. Although it does touch on all of those things at some point…and much more.

I suppose His Knibs is really just a clothing site and more specifically, based around clothes, footwear and accessories that catch my eye. Pretty much everything here probably comes under the header of ‘classic’ or ‘heritage’, occasionally retro too. But I don’t restrict myself to any of that. It really is just about what catches my eye.

Oh and the site is all about style as opposed to fashion. Fashion is temporary, style is permanent and throughout the pages of this site you will find designs that really do stand the test of time.

Maybe that’s it. Timeless style probably sums it up.

One last point – it really isn’t about price tags either. I can’t afford a good number of things I feature on this site, but that doesn’t set me against them. Yes, I will feature cheaper items if I can find them and I will also feature sales heavily, because we all love a bargain. But ultimately it is about appreciating the clothing and the designs. If you or I can’t afford them, that’s fine. It doesn’t stop me talking it up.

If you want to get in touch with me (David Walker) about anything, whether that’s something on the site, anything you want to see on the site or just want to throw in some feedback, either add a comment on the article concerned or get in touch with me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

That’s it really. Enjoy the site, the site’s finds and speak soon.