Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat makes a return

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

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Not a design you would associate with the label, but the Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat has returned to the racks for a second year.

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

Of course, if we are talking duffle coats we are talking Gloverall, which are the industry standard, but they don’t come cheap. Well, unless they drop into the Gloverall outlet store. Always worth a look if you need a duffle coat and fancy a good deal.

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

You can get cheaper (Uniqlo sometimes stocks a decent budget one at this time of the year) but if you want warm and quality construction, Gloverall is usually the place to look. Well, until now anyway.

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

Baracuta has been expanding its range of late and obviously fancies its chances of getting into this particular market, challenging Gloverall with a coat that almost shares the same name. For the Monty at Gloverall, you now have the Montgomery from Baracuta.

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

But don’t expect the Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat to be an exact copy of that vintage classic. This is Baracuta’s take on the look in a choice of the three colours that are featured here – a green (known as loden), a navy and a dark navy. No sign of the brown from last year, which is a shame as that looked the best shade.

Baracuta Montgomery duffle coat launches

The Baracuta duffle coat has a removable hood, a wool construction mixed with neoprene, traditional closing with wooden toggles, an umbrella-effect yoke at the back (a trademark Baracuta detail), front pockets with oversized flaps and a button cuff. That’s right, the design hasn’t changed at all in 12 months.

At the end of the day, this has a similar look to the market leader, but the details and perhaps the colours might well differentiate it. As for price, you are looking at £465, which compares to £450 for an original Monty.

Find out more at the Baracuta website

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