Acid Jazz 30 t-shirt

Acid Jazz 30 t-shirtI suppose you need an affinity to the label for this to tick all the boxes, but the Acid Jazz 30 t-shirt is definitely worth a mention.

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Why? Simple really, it’s a strong piece of design that doesn’t break the bank.

The t-shirt has been made to commemorate 30 years of Eddie Piller’s record label and rather than rehash the usual logo, the t-shirt goes down the retro / vintage sportswear road, throwing in a touch of Americana too with that ‘baseball’ feel.

A retro font for the ’30’ and the ‘Acid Jazz’ and a colour scheme of blue and white, with a touch of red for good measure.

£15 sounds reasonable for the t-shirt, which is available in sizes from small through to extra large.

Find out more at the Acid Jazz website

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