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Fred Perry introduces the Ealing bomber jacket

What do you get if you cross a bomber jacket with a harrington jacket? No, this isn’t a joke, it’s pretty much Fred Perry has done to produce the Ealing bomber jacket.

It looks like a Harrington and certainly has much of the detailing as well as the cut of that jacket. Button-down pockets, tartan lining, umbrella back vent, it’s all here. But this jacket has a funnel neck rather than the button collar, as well as adjustable buttoned cuffs and of course, the Laurel Wreath embroidery for something just a little different.

Is it new? I’m not exactly sure. The retailer points to this being an ‘iconic style reissued from their archive’, but I suspect it takes inspiration from those rather than being a one-to-one reissue of an old jacket.

It doesn’t matter, the end result is what matters and if that appeals to you, it’s available just in black (as far as we can see), selling for £149.

Find out more and order at the End Clothing website


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peter baker

How do I order one??


There is a link to the retailer at the end of the article.

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