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J.Press button-down madras shirt


On the face of it, a stylish button-down with a heritage to beat, but the J.Press button-down madras shirt isn't quite the straightforward purchase you might hope for.

It's a timeless ivy league classic and still fitting the bill today, whether you go for the standard short-sleeve madras with button-down collar in its various shades, or if you go for one of the variations - long-sleeve, tartan, cotton twill etc.

The shirt sleeve sells for $79 online, which works out at just over £50 at today's rates. But here's the issue - J.Press only sell via their US outlets, you can't get one anywhere else officially. But they do sell mail order, although you'll have to add in postage and the almost-certain custom charges that will be added when it hits these shores. But if you want a classic, still might be worth the effort.

J.Press website

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